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Stollen Bread

Fruit bread filled with raisins, cashew pieces and fruit. Also available frosted. Purchase 3 for $23.95. Regular $8.95 each. 22 oz. Loaf.




Stollen Bread is fruit bread filled with raisins, cashew pieces and fruit. Stollen Bread is one of the most popular baked goods sold at Zehnder’s – we sell an average of 24,000 loaves annually and nearly 400 loaves on Zehnder’s busiest day – Thanksgiving. No perservatives. 22 oz. Loaf.

Zehnder’s Stollen Bread is also available frosted. Purchase 3 for $23.95. Regular $8.95 each.

Purchase the recipe for Zehnder’s Stollen Bread from Chef John Zehnder’s Most Iconic Recipes cookbook here.

What Our Guests are Saying…

I love to buy meaningful gifts for my Mom on special occasions. The only problem is, she HATES “nick-nacks” and can afford to buy herself anything she really “needs” or wants. Fortunately, I am within reasonable driving distance of Zehnder’s, where they make the most delicious Stollen Bread, which my Mother just loves! Jamie H., Howell, MI

I really enjoy the downstairs bakery with all the fantastic foods. My favorite is the Stollen Bread. I always buy at least three to four loafs for my friends. I just love the atmosphere of Zehnder’s. Mary Ann M., Lincoln Park

My Grandmother took bus trips to Frankenmuth and always brought back a loaf of Stollen Bread for my family. It’s wonderful! When Grandma got too old to go to Frankenmuth, I returned the favor by taking home a loaf of Stollen Bread for her. Now whenever I’m enjoying dinner at Zehnder’s, I think of my Grandma. Mary H., Grand Rapids, MI

I love Zehnder’s for so many chicken dinners, purchases from the Gift Shop, so many apple strudels (best in town), and all the Stollen Breads I’ve enjoyed smothered in butter. So many memories with my family! Jill G., Sterling Heights, MI

When we were little, our Mom would bring home Zehnder’s delicious fruit bread for Christmas. It was a wonderful Christmas morning treat. We would make it into French toast; or just toast it with butter. Sometimes we would add a dab of Mom’s homemade jam. It still makes my mouth water! When I was married with our own children, we would enjoy Zehnder’s chicken dinner and buy that delicious bread for our Christmas. Now we live over 100 miles away, but have to go back “home” to get Zehnder’s yummy fruit bread. It brings back the wonderful memories, tastes, and love of family. Mom, Byron Center, MI

We like going to Zehnder’s because it so fun and relaxing. We have traveled to Germany many times and this brings it back to us. Always leave with a few loaves of fruit bread to enjoy in the weeks to come, it freezes great. We are always treated great and the service is good. Audrey A., Port Huron, MI

I love Zehnder’s. I get over there at least twice a year. The food is great. There is always lots to see and do. The staff is always kind and efficient. Especially love the family style chicken dinner. The shops on the lower level are interesting and the Bakery is great. Especially the Stolen Fruit bread. I always get some to bring home with me. Sandy D., Belmont, MI

I love the Stollen bread or fruit bread. Sorry don’t know how to spell but it’s so yummy. Natalie, Sterling Heights

A trip to Frankenmuth has always included a yummy stop in the Zehnder’s Bakery. Almond cookies! Springerle! Stollen Bread. In recent years, my trips to Frankenmuth have included taking classes from the super talented pastry chefs. I have learned techniques and delish recipes to take home to my kitchen and to share the Zehnder’s love! Cindy N., Midland, MI

My experience at Zender’s has always been going there for the chicken dinner, and then downstairs where all the pastries and breads are, my favorite is the Stollen Bread. I bought the cookbook and made the recipes many times. Mary M., Lincoln Park

I love Zehnder’s! I have enjoyed many wonderful Family Style Chicken Dinners in the Restaurant since I was a child. The Bakery/Marketplace is where I find my favorite Stollen Bread, cookies and Backofen Bread that has the genuine taste and look that takes me back to my childhood. Ruth, Royal Oak, MI

My family has celebrated special events at Zehnder’s. What I loved most was eating the best chicken dinners in the world! I love coming to Frankenmuth for the weekend with my family to visit my Grandparents. They celebrated their 40th, 50th, and 55th wedding anniversary at Zehnder’s!! Before we left to go home, we would always stop at Zehnder’s bakery to get a loaf of the world’s best white bread, a loaf of Stollen Bread, and a jar of homemade fruit preserves. Now that I have my own family, I want to create memorable moments and happy memories for them! Matt H., London, Ontario

I just love going to Zehnder’s for their delicious chicken and all the fixins’. The staff is very helpful, kind and courteous. The BEST part of going to Zehnder’s is having my birthday there in August (and it’s Free)! The Bakery has the most delicious fruit bread (Stollen Bread). I take my friend there every year for her Birthday and she Loves it too! Maggie B., Marine City, MI






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