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Zehnder’s Chicken Seasoning

Bring that authentic Zehnder’s flavor into your own home with our very own Chicken Seasoning. Our Chicken Seasoning is gluten free and contains no MSG. 8.5 oz. Bottle.



Bring that authentic Zehnder’s flavor into your own home with our very own Chicken Seasoning. Zehnder’s Chicken Seasoning is gluten free and contains no MSG. 8.5 oz. Bottle.

Back in the early 1950’s, brothers Tiny & Eddie Zehnder came up with a special recipe chicken seasoning to set themselves apart from everyone else. Pretty much trial and error until they got it just right! The distinct flavor is still very much a part of every piece of chicken served here at Zehnder’s Restaurant. Some years back, we removed the MSG but other than that; it’s the same.  Funny, we call it ‘chicken seasoning’ but in our production kitchens, we use it on most everything. We’ve added other flavored seasonings recently and even reintroduced the original recipe seasoning for those who still prefer the full “spike” of MSG.

Make Zehnder’s delicious Cream of Chicken Soup with Zehnder’s Chicken Seasoning. You can purchase the recipe here.

What Our Guests Are Saying…
My husband grew up in Frankenmuth. When he was a young boy he would search for garter snakes in Zehnder’s gardens. When we visit Frankenmuth, we always buy Zehnder’s
Chicken Seasoning and Backofen Bread! We hold a lot of history and sentiment with Zehnder’s and will continue as long as we are able. Janet B., Gaylord, MI

I LOVE Zehnder’s! The chicken is THE BEST!!!! It’s the Zehnder’s Chicken Seasoning that is amazing and of course the chicken itself is high quality. I can’t live without the chicken seasoning in my house! I use it in my cooking ALL the time! I use it on everything from chicken, to eggs, to veggies, noodles, popcorn, soups and it has taken my beans and cornbread to a whole new level. Our meals are so much better because of the your amazing chicken seasoning. Leah H., Flint, MI

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