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Zehnder’s Old Fashioned Egg Noodles

The same egg noodles that we serve in our restaurant you can now have at home! Fine, medium or wide Egg Noodles, 8 oz. bag.



The same egg noodles that we serve in our restaurant you can now have at home! Fine, medium or wide Egg Noodles, 8 oz. bag.

Some background on egg noodles:
Do you know what a pullet egg is? A pullet is a young female chicken that has not yet started to lay eggs. At about 22-26 weeks old, young female birds begin to lay eggs. These eggs are called pullet eggs and are normally much smaller than the eggs typically found in grocery stores. Pullets need to learn how to lay eggs and as they grow, their eggs become larger. Most all pullet eggs are sent to be made into dehydrated eggs and you rarely see them for sale except at farmer’s markets. Long prized by pastry chefs and noodle makers, pullet eggs have a much higher proportion of yolk to egg white. A pullet egg yolk also has a more intense flavor.

My cousin, “Susie” – L. Susan Zehnder, Vice President of Human Resources at Zehnder’s – recently told me that her maternal grandmother looked forward each year to spring because the pullets would come of age and begin producing eggs. As the pullets began laying their eggs, noodles would be on the dinner table. Remaining pullet eggs would be saved for future batches of noodles.

Our buttered noodles with crumb topping is the second most requested recipe by our guests, just behind our cabbage salad. For secrets and the recipe for making Zehnder’s famous egg noodles, you can purchase Chef John Zehnder’s newest cookbook featuring Zehnder’s Most Iconic Recipes here.

What Our Guests are Saying…
I have been going to Zehnder’s at least once a year with my family ever since I was a little kid. When I had my own kids I have also made it a tradition to take them to Zehnder’s at least once a year. One of the best parts of going to Zehnder’s is when I get home. I get to watch my collie Bongo enjoy his Zehnder’s meal that I bring home for him! Bongo especially loves the noodles with extra breadcrumbs! Tamara R., Shelby Township, MI

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Zehnder's Noodles

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